Sunday, July 3, 2011

COPOUT Artists #5

Sorry about the lack of last month's post but we did pass out issue #4 with great success, that issue featured the work of Jason Piperberg and our newest addition to the COPOUT family, Shayna Feinstein.

 Here is page one from Jason's Comic. The Battle Eternal, make no mistake this is not a Jesus comic, though many thought it was.

This is page two of Shayna's comic Balderdash, also not about Jesus slightly more obvious though.
Now the more current news of friday's adventure.  We passed out 200 more zines again with greater success that before.  I think now that more and more of our members are able to pass out comics we're getting rid of them faster and faster.  We ran out in an hour.  We may have to start printing more.  Issue #5 features the work of Billy Wayne Martin and James Kaminski.

Here is page one from Billy's comic The Great Woodland Tales.  Now with anthropomorphic animals. 

Here is the cover of James' Cheese and Quackers.  I think anthropomorphic animals are becoming a COPOUT thing, at least four feature them.

There are some photos of the night I'll post when I get them from James.

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